Shame and the Healthcare Professional – April 2017

Shame and the Healthcare Professional
Closed Workshop
Date: 25th April, 2017
Venue: Building One, University of Exeter

This meeting is the second in a series of discussions as part of the Wellcome Trust Seed funded project Shame and Medicine. The aim of this workshop is to bring together clinicians and academics to discuss questions concerning shame for the healthcare professional, focusing on three main sets of issues:
1. shame in healthcare/medical training,
2. accountability and public shaming, and
3. shame as a component of burn out and psychological distress.

The workshop will involve presentations from several healthcare practitioners reflecting on how shame dynamics are present in professional practice, professional enculturation, and pedagogic methods. The aim of the workshop is to generate discussion among a mixed group of medical professionals and academics from various disciplines (including history, philosophy, English, sociology, nursing) that can lead to the development of future research avenues.

Facilitator: Mary Robson

Speakers: Jane Macnaughton, Jonathon Tomlinson, Matthew Gibson, Stephen Pattison, Jane Marshall and Barry Lyons

Participants: Luna Dolezal, Mark Jackson, Dora Vargha, Gill Haddow, Tom Bray, Karen Mattick, Arthur Rose, Daniele Carrieri and Phil Hutchinson